Why pets are our passion

4156219002696Pets are more than just four legged companions.  They are the reason we look forward to coming home from work each day.  They make us smile and provide us with loyalty, and unconditional love, like nothing else can.  That’s why providing them with the best diet is so important.  A healthy pet will lead a longer, more joy filled life, so you can spend many years together.  At Redbird we believe in only the best for our fur kids, which includes healthy foods, treats and natural pet care products.  Our products are carefully selected, and we only sell what we would use with our own pets.  You can be confident that we are here for both you and your furry companions, so you can enjoy life together, to the fullest.  As always, we will do our best to help with any questions you may have, including food allergy related issues, alternative health products and basic care.