Perks of Being a Redbird Pet Emporium Customer

Redbird Pet Emporiums LogoWith all of the competition out there in the Pet category, we thought we would share with you some of the great reasons that sets us apart from our competitors. Redbird is fully invested in the community. We have discounts available for you if you have a Fancher discount card, and we are community partners with GreenTree co-op, which means you get a discount as well. Our dedication to the well being of pets isn’t about selling products, it is about providing solutions, whether it is about nutrition or behavior. If you have a question, we will always try to find the answer or provide an appropriate suggestion, even if it includes researching a topic to be better informed . Our Face Book community is very active, so make sure to “like” our page. We post fun pet related information, lost pets, and present our new products right there. Redbird is proud to be part of the WCFX network of Mid Michigan’s Most Trusted businesses, where we are happy to hold the title of Most Trusted Pet Nutrionists. We are also happy to provide frequent buyer programs for many of our pet foods, including NutriSource, Fromm, Earthborn and Farmina. Here at Redbird, we want to be a part of your family, the way we consider you and your pets part of our family. Personal customer service has no true price, and at our store, you know we will greet you with a smile and by name. Feel free to bring your favorite furry family member in to meet us today!